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Loading Docks and Ramps

17.1 Docks and Ramps

Palmer Events Center has an “open dock” policy allowing individual exhibitors the right to handle their own freight if desired. Exhibiting firm personnel are allowed to unload, install, and dismantle the exhibits of the exhibit firm.

Your Event Coordinator assigns dock space(s) for your events. The standard is two (2) docks per exhibit hall. The facility does not relinquish control of the loading docks and service yard during any event.

17.2 Service Yard Access

All move-in and move-out of exhibits must be through the service yard – the designated loading dock, freight elevators and freight doors. The lobby areas, side doors, and passenger elevators are not to be used for this purpose.

17.3 Service Yard Parking Availability

We don’t guarantee availability of parking in the service yard. The service yard and dock spaces may be split between multiple events at any given time. The Event and Security Coordinators will collaborate with clients to allocate parking and/or docks and ramps in the service yard. The service yard is not leasable or contracted space. Therefore, clients must gain permission directly from their Event Coordinator prior to gaining access to the space.